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Real Estate Recruitment and Hiring

Real Estate is one of the fastest and evergreen sectors in the World of business. It consists of four subdivisions, namely, Housing, Hospitality, Retail and Commerce. The housing industry has contributed to the economy since time immemorial. On the other hand, the other three sectors are also picking a pace in the market, gradually. 

The housing sector of the Real Estate Enterprise deals with helping people gets accommodations permanently or temporarily. Real Estate agents with collaboration with Construction companies are responsible for marketing and selling new properties to the customers. This includes everything from explaining the deal to the costumers, convincing them and carrying the final negotiations between the two parties. These days apart from permanent housing, people are also looking for temporary stays due to their work constraints. The duty of connecting the property owners to the potential tenants also lies on the shoulders of housing agents. The housing market is like a forever trend, which employs a good percentage of people and tends to generate a lot of revenue for the country.

Another significant sector in this industry is Hospitality. It encompasses all the Hotels, Restaurants, Recreation centers and other public events. With the increasing phenomenon of travelling, partying, clubbing and socialization, the hospitality business bloomed to another level.  As the demand for the services improved the supply is also improved. This business provides livelihood chances to various highly or moderately educated people.

 Retail & Commerce provide infrastructure support to people to set up their own businesses. This includes renting out a property, land or apartment for commercial purpose. India already has a large proportion of people running their own businesses and now with increasing entrepreneurship the industry looks forward to a promising growth.

As discussed, all these divisions of real estate require a large number of human resources to perform different operations. Moreover, the jobs are not only restricted to a particular genre but people with varied education specializations, experiences, and prospects seek their career in this Industry. Some of the common job roles in the industry are:

● Design Engineers

● Civil Engineers

● Architects

● Site Supervisor

● Construction Engineer

● HR Managers

● Finance Managers

● Accountants

● Marketing Managers

● Facilities Managers

● Logistics Managers

● Chefs

● Spa Services

If you are looking forward to hiring people for any of the above roles or other jobs related to the Real Estate, please get in touch with our team at Contact Us to understand our RPO program.