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Logistics Recruitment and Hiring

Logistics involves packing, transportation and delivery of products related to specific business or Industry. Delivering goods, products or commodities to the customers is the most important step of Supply Chain Management, therefore the logistics industry plays a significant role in other business processes. Well, the scope logistics is not only limited to delivery, but it does also include other crucial administrative and finance related roles in the Supply Chain. 

Some of the responsibilities of the job in this industry are:

Inventory control - It means keeping a continuous check on the stock and updating other teams about delivery and capital refilling as and when required. 

Pricing - It is the responsibility of the team to take care of the finances pertained to different dealers with respect to their orders.

Shipping -  This includes everything from product packaging, cargo loading, transportation and final delivery.

Administrative Jobs - Various managerial roles, finance-related task and other clerical jobs are covered under administrative roles. Basically, these are the people, who are not directly involved in the delivery of the merchandise but handle data, resources or money related work. 

Now, based on the type of duties, the educational and professional expectations from the candidate also vary. For example, an Admin role requires at least a Bachelor's degree as per the requirement of the job description. On the other hand, a logistics driver's job requires just a driving license and experience. No strong academics are expected for this job. 

The logistics jobs support all the businesses in the industry, especially the ones where some solid products are to be delivered to the customer's doorstep. Thereafter, these jobs are extremely significant to the E-commerce industry. This industry cannot sustain without logistics. Apart from that, many small and mid-level companies are also using logistics folks these days to expand their firms. 

Now that we know the importance of the logistics, let's talk about the job opportunities and recruitment process. The velocity of the work in the field generates a lot of new roles, and job positions every year. In fact, some companies even hire a large number of employees for their logistics needs, which makes it difficult for them to recruit. Therefore, they start looking for external agencies to outsource this process. Siwa Searchers is one of the best Recruitment Process Outsourcing Organizations in India. We understand our clients business, objectives and requirements, and then start finding the best talent for their business processes. The hiring process is pretty simple and transparent. Having said that, almost all the hiring steps are taken care of by our team of professionals, apart from the interviews. To get more insights about our policies, please feel free to reach out to our team.