Effective Recruitment Methods in Digital Age

Organisation is nothing without employees and therefore having a strong recruitment set up is important for every organisation. Every organisation uses different recruitment methods to attract the best talent and it is but essential for these recruitment methods to be updated with changes in the technology. Therefore, when it comes to the present digital age, the recruitment methods need to be more effective to attract the tech-savvy candidates. 
With the adoption of new technologies at workplace, the process of recruitment has also become digital. Digital recruitment, as it is now known, is the process of leveraging technology for the process of recruitment with the aim of recruiting the best talent. While the use of technology has made the process of recruitment easy, it has also made recruitment a competitive process.
Discussed below are some of the most effective methods of recruitment in the digital age.
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI has become an integral part of almost every organisation in the recent years. The use of AI not only makes the recruitment process faster and easier but also makes it more efficient and effective. AI can help an organisation identify top talent and enable HR managers take better recruitment decisions. 
Employer Branding: Employer branding has become a buzz for organisations where organisations make use of social media to advertise for a position and attract the best candidates. 
Recruitment Marketing: In this digital age, recruitment marketing has become very popular and important. It entails an organisation making itself known and familiar to the potential candidates with an aim to spark their interest in the organisation and then attracting the best talent.
Targeted Job Ads: A well-crafted job ad that targets the talent an organisation is looking for is another effective recruitment method that works in the digital age. Targeted job ads are usually posted on social media or platforms that list jobs so that the right candidates can be hired.
Video Interviewing: Video interviews have become very common in the digital age. It not only allows an organisation to save effort and money in hosting large-scale hiring and interview campaigns but also enables an organisation to hire the best talent from even remote locations. 
The use of the above recruitment methods in this digital age helps organisations fill their vacant posts with the most suitable candidates who contribute to the growth of the organisation.