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Hospitality Recruitment and Hiring

The hospitality industry has been very famous for a long time now. India is known for its hospitality towards its guests. The industry includes providing accommodation, food and many other things to tourists or anyone else requiring the services. The industry is a very big contributor to the country's GDP. It is also growing at a rate of 16.7 % annually and is set to reach Rs 2,796 thousand crores in 2021. In terms of investments in tourism and hospitality, India is third globally, with US$ 45.7 billion coming in during the year 2018. By 2019 the sector had attracted an (FDI) Foreign direct investment of US$ 12.99 billion of FDI.

The industry involves establishments like hotels, homestays, lodges and even houseboats. There are a lot of big MNC’s in this industry that is looking into hiring professionals with multiple skill sets. Some of the leading companies in India are Hyatt Hotel Corporation, InterContinental hotel groups, Marriott international India Pvt ltd, Radisson Blue Hotels, etc. These companies hire the best of the best as these people directly interact with the customers and need to be at the top of their game. 

There are various profiles that you can work in under this sector:- 

1. F&B Manager 

2. Chef 

3. Operational Manager 

4. Training Manager 

5. Sales Manager 

6. Purchase executive manager 

These are some of the most common positions sought out by companies. But there is just so much more to the industry than this. For Eg: Musicians are hired to entertain high profile clients as Hotels have a band working on their payroll. Entertainment and event management is slowly being merged with the industry as more weddings and events are being held at five-star hotels. All of these activities also now fall under the industry. In this industry, the customer is key to business more than in other industries so people are hired according to their ability to serve the customer. The recent development of apps like Oyo, trivago, etc has impacted business 

The industry is one that has a lot of opportunities for people with different skill sets. It accommodates a lot of different industries under one umbrella of hospitality.