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Petroleum Industry Recruitment and Hiring

Often referred to as Oil & Gas Corporation, Petroleum Industry deals with the extraction, refining and transporting petroleum products. Oil is also called black gold due to its relevance in a variety of other businesses like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fertilizers, and plastic. The functioning of this huge business sector is divided into three categories. 

● Upstream - This includes exploring underwater or underground oil & gas mines to extract these popular petroleum products.

● Midstream - This step is majorly responsible for the transportation of extracted products to refineries. It is also responsible for the storage and processing of the resources.

● Downstream - This refers to the actual process of obtaining the crude oil & natural gas from the raw materials generated in the upstream phase. After the recovery of the final reserves, their marketing and distribution are also conducted in the downstream stage only. 

This was a brief description of the assignments of people working in the Industry. However, Petroleum Corporation has a big imprint across the globe and Oil & Gas is generated on a large scale on a daily basis. Therefore, this Industry has a lot to offer to its employees. From onshore roles to corporate office chores, people can choose their jobs as per their interests. 

Furthermore, this is an ever-growing business that requires staff for office-based accounting, human resources, admin, infrastructure roles and engineers, geologists for field positions. 

Some of the popular job profiles in the industry are: 

● Geochemist 

● Geoscientist

● Geologist

● Petroleum Engineer

● Mining Engineer

● Energy Engineer

● Drilling Engineer

● Human Resource Managers

● Finance Experts

● Accountants

To secure these amazing job opportunities at reputed Multi-National corporations, candidates are expected to have a specialized graduate degree in these disciplines, from any esteemed university. Regardless of the opportunities in the Petroleum enterprise, the number of resources is limited. 

Therefore, finding quality candidates is always a struggle for employers. As a part of the Recruitment process outsourcing program, we support hiring for all various job vacancies in the petroleum sector. You can get more details about the project after getting in touch with our team at Contact Us.