Organisational Values that Attract Candidates

Organisational values are the guiding principles that provide an organisation with purpose and direction. These values impact every aspect of the organisation and its functions, right from how it works, how it makes decisions, how it treats employees and how it participates in social responsibility. 
Organisational values distinguish a company from others and also works as a means to attract the right candidates, especially if they hold the same beliefs and principles as the organisation. Candidates these days like to work for organisations that exhibit a good culture and possess the best core values. In addition, candidates always look for organisations that provide a work environment where employees feel safe, secure and productive. Moreover, any organisation that allows employees to work in an effective manner and allows for open communication is sure to attract employees.
Some organisational values that attract candidates include:
Care: Organisations need to care for employees and the same must be exhibited by various means. When organisations care for employees, they earn a good reputation and are easily able to attract new employees. Moreover, organisations must provide support to the workforce to ensure that they can work in the most productive manner.
Interesting and simulating work environment: An organisation that showcases a work environment where employees are both interested in work they do and simulated to work in a more efficient manner is sure to attract a lot of candidates. 
Social values: In addition to enabling work, organisations need to provide an environment wherein employees are able to interact with each other. This in turn enables the employees to work in a collaborated and cooperative manner and enhances team spirit. An organisation that allows employees to build interpersonal relationships attracts many candidates.
Fair pay: This organisational value is an important one wherein employees can be assured of being paid their fair share for the work done. An organisation that has a fair pay system and makes it a transparent one is liked by every potential candidate.
Professional development: Organisations need to develop a culture wherein professional development is an integral part. Every employee working in an organisation needs professional growth and development and an organisation providing the same is bound to attract a number of new candidates. 
Candidates like to work in organisations that value the skills and qualifications of employees and enables them to enhance their productivity. Therefore, organisation values and principles need to be developed keeping in mind not just the business goals but also the employee needs.