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Aerospace & Defense Recruitment and Hiring

The Aerospace and Defense Industry is one of the most vital realms of any Country. It serves two major markets. Aerospace is responsible for designing, manufacturing, and selling the commercial airplanes. On the other hand, Defense is responsible for formulating military weapons and other systems required for public safety on the land, sea and in the air. This industry not only serves as a refuge of the country but also contributes to the economy to another extent. Also, studies predict that the production of these planes and other martial tools is expected to increase even more, in the coming years. Therefore, considering the need, demand, and volume of work in the industry, there is always a capacity to hire more engineers, skilled workers and labour workers.

Recruitment is a difficult task process, in general, especially in the industry like Aerospace & Defense, which requires exceptionally skilled people. Also, we know that the ratio of aerospace engineers as compared to other engineering disciplines is relatively low, so finding good candidates becomes even more challenging.

Siwa Searchers has launched a special program for the recruitment of Aerospace Engineers, Defense Personal and other technical, non-technical folks for the A&D Industry. Our team of specialists is driven to find the best of talents for various roles for Design, Analysis, Development, Production, Testing, Finance and administrative functions.

Selection Process

We follow a well-defined, structured and result-driven approach for the hiring process. Following is the step by step method we follow at Siwa. 

1. Understanding the Clients need

We conduct 1:1 meetings, group discussions with the Client organization to understand their requirements in detail. Having a thorough understanding of this helps to get the best results for them.

2. Develop Job Description

After a discussion with the client, a job description document is prepared for the candidate's reference. It consists of all job-specific details.

3. Candidate Shortlisting

After receiving acknowledgement from the candidates, we shortlist the most relevant applicants for that specific position. The list of the shortlisted ones is then forwarded to the client’s team.

4. Conduct Interviews

We arrange job interviews after the consent of the employer and employee. This involves negotiating the availability from both ends.

5. Background Check

After the interview process is done, we also help with background check for successful candidates. This includes criminal, educational and professional assessments.

6.Final Negotiations

Our team supervises the final negotiations between both parties regarding compensation and other norms. The documentation process before onboarding is also taken care of by us. 

This was a brief overview of our recruitment Services for the Aerospace and Defense Industry. At Siwa, we assure seamless recruitment for all your Aerospace & Defense needs. To know more about the process, please feel free to reach our 24*7 Customer team.