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Industrial Recruitment and Hiring

The industrial sector is the lifeblood of an economy. It involves the production of finished goods from raw materials, hence this mainly includes factories, refineries, etc. Primarily known for producing goods at a cheaper production cost, the Indian industry attracts a lot of foreign investments because of this. A lot of multinational corporations set up their manufacturing plants here because of the cheap labor and production cost. 

Foreign direct investment. (FDI) reached US$ 91.20 billion during June of 2019. The country is becoming a hub for foreign investments as the government is also taking initiatives like “Make in India” to promote production in India. Companies like One plus are scouting out India to base their R&D and production here. The Government is currently in talks with stakeholders to ease FDI in defense so that employment can be generated. These moves along with tax cuts for high income generating corporations all make it very attractive to invest in the Indian manufacturing market. 

Some of the big names in the sector in India include Tata motors Ltd, L&T Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Maruti Suzuki Ltd, etc. These are companies in India that manufacture and sell goods in India. 

This sector is big and requires skilled professionals working in various profiles. The packages are attractive and the benefits are plenty especially in companies that were mentioned above.

Some of the more popular profiles from the industry are mentioned below:- 

1. Technical manager 

2. Mechanical engineer 

3. Civil Engineer

4. Production supervisor 

5. Logistics supervisor

6. Electrical engineer   

These are some of the most sought after profiles in the industry. This sector has the potential to grow into a 1 trillion dollar industry by 2025. With the government taking steps to build smart cities and business corridors it is sure to keep the companies investing in the country. This means that there will be a lot more job opportunities in the future and companies will be looking to hire top-notch professionals for various positions. 

Taking all these factors into consideration it is one of the best industries to work in, in the current economic scenario.