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Chemical Industry Recruitment and Hiring

The companies in the chemical industries convert raw materials like oil, hydrogen, water, etc; into more products. The chemicals made by these companies are later used by various other industries. The chemicals made are pharmaceuticals, glasses, petrochemicals, varnishes, perfumes, toiletries, paints, etc. The basic industrial products are made by these chemicals. Our day-to-day life is dependent on these products which are made by the chemicals produced by these chemical industries.

These chemical industries contribute to every sector of a country, like the fertilizers and pesticides used by the farmers for their field, fibers, and dyes used in the fabric industries, synthetic flavors used by the food manufacturing companies, etc.

India is the third-largest country to produce chemicals in Asia in terms of output and sixth largest globally. The exports of essential oils, toiletries and cosmetics have been increased in the past year. The chemical industries in India are Pidilite Industries Ltd., Tata chemicals Ltd., UPI Ltd., Gujarat Fluoro Chemicals Ltd., BASF India Ltd., Arti Industries Ltd., India Glycols Ltd., Atul Ltd., etc. 

The chemical industries are in search of skilled labor and efficient manpower to work with. With the growth rate and demand, to fulfill the requirement, there is a need for recruitment in the chemical industry. The opportunities in the chemical industry are expanding and so is the industry. It is going to open more doors with time. 

The job profiles are:

• Junior engineer

• Assistant Manager (chemical company)

• Plant operator (agrochemical industry)

• Chemical production manager

• Chemical engineer

• Chief marketing officer (chemical company)

It has been expected that the demand for chemicals is going to increase by 9-10% in the upcoming year. In India, these chemical industries are expected to follow an accelerated growth path so that its contribution to the global share can be doubled by the next decade. To fulfill the expectations, recruitments are being done to increase production.