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Facility Management Recruitment and Hiring

Big Corporate offices with posh infrastructure are designed in such a way, that they provide all the comforts to their employees. A lot of time, effort, money and most importantly people are involved in managing the facilities at the workplace. Creating a luxurious building is not a onetime task, it's maintenance is a forever journey. Therefore the Facilities Management group in the industry is as important as IT folks, Engineers, CA's, legal team or finance professionals who are supposed to generate actual business. 

The contributions of the facilities team is often underestimated, but let’s face it, offices can possibly not function without them. Moreover, the volume of work that they manage cannot be handled by a couple of people. There is always a crew of skilled professionals for every division of the work. To break it down, the services provided by the Facilities group are divided into two categories, known as Hard Services and Soft Services. Some of the popular functions under hard services are Architecture, Construction, Interior Designers, Project Management, Electrical Fixing, Security, and maintenance. On the other hand, soft services are responsible for regular activities like Catering, Cleaning, Training, Recruitment, Relocation, Waste Management, Health & Safety. 

This gives a very precise idea about the number of responsibilities that are delivered by the Facilities Management Committee. Therefore, getting an amazing Facilities squad is as important as other employees in the business. So here we are, to ease the task of finding out great Facilities people. We have a huge database of fresher, mid-level and senior-level people who can conduct these activities beautifully. 

The recruitment process is pretty much similar to other mainstream Industries and Job profiles that we hire for. This includes:

● Gathering detailed requirements from the client.

● Understanding their need thoroughly.

● Filtering out the best fit of candidates from the job pool.

● Presenting the applicant list to the recruiter.

● Scheduling interviews, if required.

● Conducting background checks for employees.

● Negotiation of terms & conditions.

● Assist all joining formalities.

Nevertheless, Siwa is one of the few Agencies in the market who support this very important and underrated kind of job requirements. You can get a full-fledged idea after speaking to our team in person or over a call. So, please reach out to us for outsource your needs and services