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Aviation Hiring and Recruitment

Air transport or Aviation includes all the flight services or aircraft services. The beginning of aviation goes back to the time of hot air balloons and then leading up to the first powered airplane by the Wright brother in the early 1900s. Since then, there has been a gradual growth in aviation and its services. There are civil aviation and military aviation services as well.

These services require manpower and the manpower should be skilled and trained.

With the growth of the aviation sector, people started relying on air transport. Because air transport people could reach relatively early than other transports, it is efficient for a large crowd. Some people even have private jets and some industries run their aircraft to import and export products.

With such an increase and expansion in the aviation sector, recruitment has increased since the past years. From a report published in January 2020, India has been ranked the third-largest domestic aviation market in the world. In the budget of 2019-2020, the government has declared to finance the aviation services of India to make it’s market self-reliant. 

Aviation services in India Air Asia, Indigo, Spicejet, Vistara and also there are regional services like Air Deccan, Supreme, Trustar; then there are charter airlines like Dove, Pinnacle, Taj Air, and also there are Cargo airlines like Bludart, Quikjet, and SpiceXpress. 

These airlines seek skilled labor, manpower to run their services smoothly. These aviation services require a highly efficient workforce. The jobs for which the aviation sector in India is seeking are: 

• First officer,

• Airport ground staff (passport checking, air ticketing), 

• Aviation consultant, 

• Flight attendant, 

• Air hostess, 

• Cargo supervisor, etc. 

The initiatives are been taken to invest in the air services to improve the quality, cost and look into passengers’ interest. Great opportunities for people to work in aviation are blooming rapidly. 

If the pace of improvement is steady, it might be possible that Indian aviation services can overtake the United Kingdom by becoming the third largest passenger market in the upcoming years.