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Outsourcing and offshoring Recruitment and Hiring

Outsourcing is the process of hiring someone outside the company to perform certain tasks or obtain goods which used to be done by employees within the company. This process helps companies focus on the main aspects of their business while delegating less important tasks to a third party. With this, tasks like hiring and firing personnel, maintaining a workplace, etc no longer need to be done by the parent company which frees up a lot of time and money which goes into maintaining an in house department within the company. 

An example of offshoring is a company using a recruitment service to hire its employees instead of through its HR department. This can help the company in considerably reducing the workload on its own HR department which can now focus on internal matters within the organization. 

Outsourcing opportunities are going to increase in times of COVID and post COVID as companies are going to look to outsource work to companies in other countries to cut costs. 

As a recruitment company, we are in touch with several businesses that are involved in various industries such as Education, FMCG, Information technology (IT), Financial Services, Banking, etc. 

We maintain a profile on the work that they do and what work they specialize in. According to your budget and work specification, we can put you in touch with the same. 

Offshoring is basically the moving of a company’s business process from one country to another. It is usually the manufacturing end of a company but sometimes supports structures are moved too. It is done because of lower costing in the country of moving, a better talent pool, and better availability of skilled individuals.  

An example of offshoring would be a U.S based company to manufacture its clothes in a factory in India. 

If a company has any interest in offshoring their businesses we have experienced recruiters working on the job, according to the profile required we screen and provide with professionals that fit the bill for whatever work is necessary. 

Now, both processes are not inclusive of each other. You can outsource to other companies within the country or outside of it. Sometimes the company may outsource work to another company in a different company. 

All these are very effective methods that a lot of companies use to remain cost-effective while not compromising on work quality and our company provides business solutions for all these situations even in times of a crisis such as COVID.