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Power Industry Recruitment and Hiring

The power sector of India is the most diversified one. The power generation is done by both conventional and non-conventional sources. There has been a significant change in the Indian power industry, which has redefined the industry’s outlook. Sustainable growth in the economy leads to the increasing demand of power/electricity. Power has also been the most critical component in the economic growth of the country. The power industry is divided into several sectors and each sector contributes effectively to the other and then in the conclusion, the source is complete.

The power demand has increased and is about to increase further. There is a need to increase the installed generating capacity of electricity in India to meet the further increased demand for power.

The whole industry is responsible for generation, transmission, production, and sales of general power to the general public. Each section is responsible for a certain task. It is a large scale industry bound to work efficiently to ensure the supply within the country. For all the work done, the industry needs manpower, skilled labor, and efficient workers. India has been ranked in the top ten in the solar power and wind power as well. To stay intact with the position and running the supply linear and regular the industry needs to work at a steady pace, which demands large scale manpower.

As India has always been a land of resources, it has been providing the raw materials to other countries to make the finished goods. If there are enough economic growth and skilled labor, India will be able to grow in various sectors. Power is one of them. 

The vacancies in the power sector are:

● O&M Engineer (power plant)

● Mechanical maintenance engineer

● Electrical engineer

● Subject matter expert

● Electrical supervisor

● Project manager (electrical)

As a special contribution towards this extremely evolving industry, which has changed our lives and for better, we make sure that we provide you with best talents as and when required without fail. 

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