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FMCG Recruitment and Hiring

Indian FMCG Market: Does it have the potential to fill the unemployment gap of India?

Indian economy is mostly dependent on the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) sector. Even though the FMCG products are relatively of low cost, their perfect brand positioning and re-branding helps them to be a part of every class’ daily-life. The production of FMCG industry majorly comprises of household goods, packaged food items, personal care products, lighting, tobacco products and such. 

FMCG as an industrial sector has led to promising growth in the past years in India, and the results of the regular FMCG market research shows that this sector has favourable options due to the variable ranges it provides and the product distribution that has a direct reach to every household of India, in one way or other. Earlier, the investors showed the least interest in the FMCG sector due to the lower ROI as the products have a low cost, but then the right advertising, branding, segmentation, PR and consumer marketing has led to successful AOP insights and thus, it led a boom in the market. 

Even though there is the presence of global companies like P&G, Nestle, Unilever and then there are bigger Indian brands like Amul, ITC, Parle, Godrej, etc. which are always on the pinnacle of the FMCG market, but then the evolution of online e-commerce platforms has given the local distributions and companies a great chance to succeed in their growth. This has helped the local FMCG market to dominate at least a bit of the segment and thus opening new thresholds for the rural employment sector. The current new wave of “Pantajali” by Baba Ramdev is a good example of the success ratios of FMCG industry.

The dominating segment of the FMCG industry requires a vast talent pool to adhere to the manpower requirements of the industry. While the MNCs have an attractive job appeal and constant competition for positions, the lower segment is also not easy to dive-in. The unemployment rates have led people to occupy any available opportunity and since FMCG is a vast segment, there is never a lack of opportunities. 

The job profiles that are ruling the FMCG industry are : 

● Production Planner 

● Sales Representative

● Demand Planner 

● Team Leader

● Administration 

● National Account Manager 

Mostly the FMCG job roles revolve around the sales and marketing sector as these are the revenue-generators for this low-cost driven sector. At higher levels, the vacancies are for managerial and executive positions and then the vacancies proliferate as we move down the chain. The rural and small-town people also fit in here to fulfil the manpower requirement. Thus, FMCG grows more and more by earning from all classes and also providing jobs for all classes. 

This simple fact has crowned FMCG as the most-prevalent industrial segment and has also rewarded it with chances of greater scope