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Insurance Recruitment and Hiring

The insurance market of India has been considered to be at a higher growth rate in the upcoming years. The Indian Insurance market is the 15th largest in the world, also it is the biggest insurance market with 360 billion policies. This is also expected to be increased by time. There has been a constant growth in the Indian economy for a decade but now it is facing certain downfalls, like stalled reforms, slow growths, etc; so the sector is working on a better tomorrow. 

With several changes in regulatory work, the future seems promising in the insurance industry. These changes are going to change the pace of work and help a lot of people and as well as businesses further in development. With the growing awareness of the need for protection and also retirement planning will be a support in the growth of life insurance.

The insurance sector of India is divided into two categories- life insurance and non-life insurance, and the later one is known to be the general insurance sector. 

The insurance sector in India is always open for recruitment. The sector directly contributes to the economy of the country, hence being the most important sector which helps in development economics We at Siwa, look for individuals who have good command in communication, customer service and who have a positive attitude. To work in the field an individual should possess the quality of quick learning, persistence, and patience as well, the insurance sector works wholly on dealing with the customers, learning their problems, and providing them with the best to ensure their stability in monetary terms. All these factors make a good customer-agent relationship secure and trustworthy. 

We as a recruitment agency, help both the insurance company as well as the individuals seeking for a job. One is benefited from a reliable worker and the other with the security of a good job and the third party that is the customers are being benefited as well with good service.

The job profiles that insurance companies are actively looking for are : 

● Administrative officer & assistant

● Insurance agents

● Development officer

● Underwriter

● Actuary