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Pharmaceutical Industry Recruitment and Hiring

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is at a sustainable growth rate. It is responsible for a 20% share in the global supply by volume and 62% in the global demand for vaccines. The industry is the third-largest in terms of volume and thirteenth largest in terms of value. Though the pharma industries of India are already spreading on the existing grounds the industry is always looking out for the new market to expand. This leads to a well-developed industry, a strong manufacturing base, highly fragmented industries, and spurious drug sales.

The future that we are looking forward to as well as the present situation we are living in, the health sector needs more skilled individuals to work in the industry. 

In 2005, with the boost in the industry, several new drugs were discovered, with the approval, Indian pharmaceuticals were able to compete globally, which lead to a great demand further. Growth in any industry opens up to more vacancies but skilled labor. Pharma industries are not as normal as others. These industries work upon the drugs that secure lives, basically are beneficial for the health sector of the whole country. Due to the lower cost of treatment, India emerges out to be a leading destination for medical tourism.

Siwa has collaborated with several pharma companies to help them make new drugs, which opens up a lot of job profiles and vacancies in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical market just doesn’t spread on the Indian grounds, the expansion is big enough to reach the foreign countries, which results in the need for more skilled manpower to fulfill the needs in the pharma industry.

The job profiles that are open to fill in the pharmaceutical industry:

● Quality control (pharma industry)

● Microbiologist

● Senior executive (pharma plant)

● Area Manager (pharma plant)

● Regional Manager (pharma plant)

● Product executive

● Production Chemist

At Siwa, we offer a lot more than just recruiting for these services. To know more about the same, please reach out to our Customer Support executives.