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Healthcare Recruitment and Hiring

Healthcare is a very big industry and one that is very essential to society. Any society cannot function without it. People need to be treated and taken care of so that they can work and contribute to the GDP. So this sector has an indirect influence on the GDP of the country which is a very big deal. 

The Healthcare sector includes Hospitals, medical devices, pharmacies, medical tourism, health insurance, etc. The industry includes Medical tourism which also attracts a lot of tourists. 

In September of 2019, it was a Rs 24,864.01 crore industry. It is projected to grow into an Rs 8.6 trillion industry. The sector attracted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) worth US$ 6.34 billion by 2019. The sector is projected to grow by $280 billion by 2020. 

The government is also supporting the industry as it aims to cover healthcare for every citizen in India. It has motivated investors to further invest in building healthcare facilities that are as advanced as developed countries. 

Some of the biggest names in India in the sector are Apollo hospital enterprises Ltd, Aster Dm healthcare Ltd, Fortis healthcare Ltd, etc. These companies have investors putting money into them so that they can build top-notch healthcare facilities and hire professionals with appropriate skill sets.  

There are a lot of job profiles that fall under this industries umbrella:- 

1. Doctor

2. Nurse 

3. Pharmacist 

4. Lab Technicians 

5. Consulting doctors 

6. Physiotherapists 

7. Radiologists 

These are the most sought out profiles in the industry but the industry also looks for support staff accountants etc like all industries do. The unavoidable nature of the industry is what makes it so fast-growing; you can't put off treatment of a wound or an illness, can you. What this implies is that there will always be work in this industry. It is also an industry that brings you a lot of respect in society along with good pay. 

The industry is set to grow on many levels especially with online consultation and delivery of medicine also coming into play it is bound to create more jobs.