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Financial Services Recruitment and Hiring

The finance industry runs the economy in India. It is a very integral part of the market. These companies are part of our everyday life and include banks, mutual funds, pension funds, etc. Although the industry is dominated by banking companies, the government has allowed entities like payment banks like Paytm, Google Pay and more to be created, these banks provide instant payments to customers by linking to their bank accounts usually through a mobile application.

A 376.63 billion dollar industry, it is projected to grow even more with supportive policies being implemented by the government. It has always affected the Gdp and helped it grow as well. The net investments in Indian equity by Fpi touched a 6 year high of 1 trillion Rs in 2019. 

Bajaj Finance, HDFC, LIC housing, L&T financial holdings are amongst some of the most notable names in the industry. Although they have had a stronghold over the industry for years, new businesses like Paytm are catching up. In Fact, the mobile wallet industry is projected to grow by 150 percent to reach US$ 4.4 billion by 2022. These numbers indicate the growth and future of the industry. In the near future, a lot more joint ventures will also take place between companies that are from the local market and international giants meaning investments will once again skyrocket.  

An industry this big and growing will require people with different specializations to come together and use their respective skill sets. With an attractive salary and other packages, there is never any dearth in opportunities. There are a lot of profiles that people look out for while working in this industry, some which are:- 

1. Relationship Manager 

2. Finance manager 

3. Treasury manager

4. Data Analyst 

5. Sales Manager 

The financial services sector mostly involves banking activities and insurance etc but they also look for data analysts, tech support and other personnel to work in their other departments. The growth of the online payment sector also asks for coders etc being hired to maintain the servers that help this sector function. The growth of Paytm can be used to examine the changes in the industry, especially when the government also supported it with the go cashless initiative. 

All these factors add on to make it one of the best industries to work in today's market.