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Mining Recruitment and Hiring

With the rise of Urbanization, the Construction industry has witnessed amazing growth over the last decade. This infrastructure development is directly dependent on the metals, minerals and mining industry. India is one of the largest producers of coal, iron and many other metals in the World. The raw materials generated from the mining activities contribute to the growth of the Construction industry, Cement Industry, automobile business and a lot smaller to big levels corporations in India. This is the reason that Mining became one of the topmost businesses in India. 

Market Size 

To understand the criticality of this industry, let's have a look at the footprint of this business in the Market. 

● India is the third-largest producer of Coal in the World, which generates almost 700 million tones plus coal every year.

● Iron is used widely across the world. It is an imperative part of all the building, automotive activities. India ranks fourth among the Iron ore producers across the globe, which means we not only produce iron deposits for our country, but we supply it across the world.

● Steel is another important alloy used in our day to day activities. With 111 million tonnes of production, India is the second-largest originator of Crude Oil.

Many other metals like Copper, Aluminum, Lead are also highly found in India. This business generates a lot of revenue for the country, from consumer organizations running within the nation and export activities to other countries. 

The task of mining is not at all easy. In fact, it requires a lot of strength, stamina and mastery to perform this activity; also it has some safety constraints bound to it. Let's have a look at the roles & responsibilities of Mining Engineers to understand their work better. 

● Modelling probable mining sites.

● Preparing plans for mining, like underground routes. 

● Design feasible plans for the program.

● Monitoring smooth underground mining.

● Assigning position and responsibilities to the team.

● Ensuring the safety of the team members.

● Analyzing the supply of mining equipment.

● Filling in unnecessary mines.

● Managing the finances of the team.

Apart from the above-mentioned list, a few additional responsibilities lie on the shoulders of Mining Engineers. Therefore it is important to choose these folks wisely because they are accountable for the seamless execution of the project and managing all the mining labour. 

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